„A pioneer of the Romanian New Wave (2005’s The Death of Mr Lazarescu), Cristi Puiu heads into puzzling new territory with Malmkorg, a gorgeously mounted but militantly cerebral conversation piece. Based on a work by 19th-century Russian philosopher Vladimir Sololyov, Malmkrog largely involves five people discussing God, war, good, evil, death and despair for over three hours, mainly in French. Malmkrog is certainly uncompromising – as is the Berlinale’s choice of it to open Encounters, the new festival sidebar designed to highlight cinematic innovation. But while a highbrow hardcore may revel in the experience, for most viewers Malmkrog will feel like being locked in at the Sorbonne over a winter weekend. Handsome production values notwithstanding, Malmkrog’s commercial prospects will be as elusive as its ultimate meaning.”

Source: screendaily.com/reviews/malmkrog-review/5147404.article

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