This decade there are more superhero movies being made than in any other previous decade. Back in 1989 superhero movies were still a new genre and along with “Superman” from 1978, this movie set the standard- and opened the doors for many other superhero movies and movies based on comic-books.

Of all the superhero characters I probably like the Batman the best. This is because of all superhero’s he is perhaps the most humane one, with real emotions and dark edgy tendencies. He also isn’t a character that has any superhero powers or is invincible. I really like that about Batman. This movie perfectly translates this superhero character to the silver screen, completely with all his humane characteristics.

The movie is casted well. Pat Hingle, William Hootkins (who unfortunately just died, over a week ago), Michael Gough and Robert Wuhl are really some comic-book looking characters. Michael Keaton is a good but not great Batman/Bruce Wayne. I’m not always too fond of his style of acting. He is good as Batman but not always really as Bruce Wayne. But best casted actor is Jack Nicholson as Joker/Jack Napier. When I think of the Joker I think of Jack Nicholson and when I think of Jack Nicholson I think of the Joker. He simply IS the Joker. No way any other actor could had ever done, or ever will do a better job. He plays the character with so much fun and comedy that he truly becomes one of the most memorable and enjoyable movie villains in history.

The movie has a perfect dark atmosphere and a typical Tim Burton like environment. He simply was the perfect director for this movie. His odd sense of humor also works perfectly for the movie and there are some truly subtle hilarious moments in the movie and some typical fun like, crazy Tim Burton characters.

The fantastic music is composed by Danny Elfman. It really is a great superhero piece of music that suits the movie extremely well. The main theme is highly memorable and has become one of the best known main movie themes in history. I think it’s fair to say that this is Elfman’s best work till date.

Is “Batman” a perfect flawless movie? I wish I could say yes, because I absolutely love watching this movie and have many fond memories of it. Unfortunately the movie simply isn’t perfect. The story doesn’t always flow very well and it gets obvious that the movie it’s script went to many rewrites and was even rewritten during filming. Not everything in the movie always really connects to another, especially the ending feels out of place.

Still “Batman” is a great dark superhero movie that is always very entertaining to watch as well.

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